Style Q&A: Rolex boutique opens in Vancouver

As the founder of the Global Watch Company, it’s safe to say that Sassan Pourfar knows a lot about watches. But he knows luxury timepieces the best. That’s why Pourfar is bringing the first standalone boutique for renowned timepiece brand Rolex to Vancouver. The watch aficionado chatted with Postmedia in advance of the opening.

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Editor’s Diary: Rolex Vancouver Grand Opening

The largest Rolex boutique in North America is now open, and it’s settled quite nicely into its home at 1119 Alberni St. in Vancouver. I attended the grand opening on Thursday, Oct. 27—about two weeks after it opened its crown-capped doors—and joined the crush of people eager to celebrate the iconic Swiss-made timepieces.

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Designs That Shine

Since inventing the first waterproof wristwatch in 1926, the Oyster, Rolex has been the benchmark for luxury wristwatches. “Being number one is one thing,” says Pourfar, “but staying number one is quite another. Consistent quality and innovation have kept this iconic brand at the top.”

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