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Our Rolex Showroom at Global Watch Company in Vancouver

The Global Watch Company Difference


At Global Watch Company (GWC), we take pride in offering our clients an exceptional Rolex experience in our Rolex showroom at every step of their journey with us. Our stand-alone Rolex Boutique, located at 1119 Alberni Street, is the largest Rolex showroom in North America. Our Rolex Showroom is situated in a prime location with unparalleled visibility in the heart of Vancouver’s most exclusive district – The Luxury Zone in Downtown Vancouver.

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As an Official Rolex Retailer in Vancouver, Global Watch Company is proud to offer a vast selection of authentic Rolex timepieces, in our elegant Rolex Showroom. Inspired by the Rolex Oyster, the world’s original waterproof wristwatch designed in 1926, our Rolex Boutique features laser-etched aqua glass walls with cream-colored leather and bronze accents and a grand chandelier set amid a 2,000 square ft. Rolex Showroom.

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Our Rolex Boutique also features private rooms and semi-private areas for you to explore our complete selection of authentic Rolex timepieces with GWC’s team of experienced, welcoming, and friendly Rolex Vancouver consultants.

Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced to the most exacting standards.

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