As the fortunate winner of the TUDOR Free Diving Incentive Program, I had the privilege of representing TUDOR Boutique GWC among a group of diving enthusiasts from Canada and the US to join in 2023 TUDOR’s Free Diving Experience. Tulum Cancun, Mexico, served as the picturesque backdrop for an exclusive four-day escapade in mid-November, hosted at the enchanting Maria Del Mar Boutique Hotel. My journey would unravel into an extraordinary odyssey, immersing me in the depths of the ocean and the essence of luxury.

The Tudor Pelagos. 42 mm titanium case, Manufacture calibre | TudorWatch
The Tudor Pelagos. 42 mm titanium case, Manufacture calibre | TudorWatch

Day 1: A Prelude to the Deep Blue

Upon arriving in Tulum, a welcome drink set the tone for the aquatic adventure that lay ahead. The evening unfolded with a delectable dinner at a beachside restaurant, offering a taste of the local culinary delights. The elegantly presented welcome package on each guest’s bed revealed an array of diving gear, a thoughtful touch courtesy of TUDOR. As the sun dipped below the horizon, guests had the privilege of meeting Morgan Bourc’his, the three-time champion free diver and esteemed TUDOR ambassador, along with his elite team.

To solidify the connection between the participants and the TUDOR experience, each guest from the US and Canada TUDOR team was outfitted with the prestigious titanium TUDOR Pelagos featuring a mesmerizing blue dial (Ref: M25600TB-0001), a timepiece symbolic of both precision and style.

A man presents to a seated group in a spacious, modern indoor setting with natural lighting and wicker chairs.

Day 2: The Dance with the Depths

The second day commenced with a captivating presentation delving into the intricate connection between TUDOR watches and free diving. Morning rituals unfolded with yoga and meditation, led by none other than Morgan Bourc’his and Pranamaya’s free diving team. The day’s highlight included the first freediving workshop and pool practice, a transformative experience in mastering the art of breath control and mental composure underwater.

The journey continued to one of the natural cenotes, offering a unique environment for free diving. Here, the participants not only honed their skills but also discovered the profound connection between themselves and the underwater world. As the day concluded, the participants revealed their personal goals for the upcoming freediving competition, setting the stage for an unforgettable challenge.

Wearing TUDOR Pelagos while free diving
Wearing TUDOR Pelagos while free diving

Day 3: Plunging into the Abyss

The climax of the experience unfolded on the third day with the freediving competition at Kann Luum Laguna. The lagoon, boasting a 25-meter diameter cenote with an 85-meter depth, provided the perfect stage for the participants to push their limits. The challenge: a free dive to a depth of 7 meters in a single breath, an awe-inspiring feat that left each participant with a sense of accomplishment.

The evening culminated with a beachside dinner and a diving diploma ceremony, where participants were awarded a TUDOR freediving certificate, a tangible testament to our newfound skills and courage.

Certification of Freediving Performance by TUDOR Watch
Certification of Freediving Performance by TUDOR Watch

Day 4: A Farewell to the Depths

As the sun bid farewell to Tulum, participants embarked on their departure to Cancun airport, carrying with them memories of an unparalleled experience that transcended the ordinary.

A Daring Journey Beyond Limits

Free diving, as I discovered, is not merely a sport; it is a lifestyle that fosters mindfulness, inner peace, and an appreciation for the profound beauty of nature. TUDOR, with its unwavering commitment to excellence, provided an opportunity to challenge personal limits and unearth the extraordinary capabilities within. 2023 TUDOR’s Free Diving Experience.

In the embrace of TUDOR and the guidance of Morgan Bourc’his, the 2023 Cancun Free Diving Experience was not just an event—it was a transformative journey into the unknown, leaving an indelible mark on my state of mind. Thank you TUDOR for igniting my born-to-dare spirit. #borntodare

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